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Isabella Waterproof Ceiling Bathroom Panel (2.6m x 250mm x 8mm)

Isabella Waterproof Ceiling Bathroom Panel (2.6m x 250mm x 8mm)

Features and Benefits

The benefits of using a higher specification PVC Panel to the customer are:

-    Stronger construction providing greater impact and compression resistance
-    Thicker smoother surface finish does not show cellular structure through the face and provides a better surface for the printed designs to be applied
-    Better for cutting and working with during installation
-    Close fitting robust joint between panels

Twin Wall Fixing Lip

-    Eliminates the problem of the fixing lip splitting during installation that is so common with single lip panels
-    Much easier to install if using screws as it provides greater control for the installer – this is because the screws have material for the threads to bite into
-    When installing using screws the Twin Walled structure will compress as the screw is tightened to ensure that the screw head does not obstruct the joint when installing the next panel

PVC Material & Open Construction

 -   Light and easy to handle
 -   Better Insulation
 -   Waterproof
 -   Rot proof
 -   Hygienic

Fire Rated

Panels are Class 1 Fire rated and are suitable for commercial and public sectors.

Additional information

Series: 260 Series
Colour: White
Finish: Single Colour
Width: 250mm
Length: 2.6m
Depth: 8mm

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